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Large choice of piezo stack
Piezo stack actuator program

Why Piezo Stack Actuator?


To put it in a nutshell: The idea of piezo stack actuators is as simple as it is effective: Piezo are made of active material. The length of the piezoelectric stack is directly controlled by applying an electrical voltage. When the solid piezoelectric body expands immediate reaction take place which provides strong, fast, and precise actuation. This effect is most suitable for innovative positioning tasks. Conversely, a piezo stack actuator generates electrical voltages when forces are applied. Stacks are also ideal devices to design energy harvester or piezo generators for low power applications. These generators convert vibrations (which represent mechanical power) to electrical power. 

Range of Piezo Actuators

A modern piezo actuator is a co-fired multilayer ceramics body made of high performing piezoelectric ceramics material. The actuator is typically a rectangular block with a size of 5 mm by 5 mm and height of 18 mm. Stacks with other dimensions are available. Internal and outer electrodes are carefully designed to provide extraordinary long life and high cycle number of actuator strain. 


Highlights of Piezo Stack Actuation


Piezo stack actuation is a solid-state technology, which enables  high technology solutions. Due to unique properties piezoelectric actuation extends the portfolio of established actuator principles with regard to important features:

    • High forces up to tons load capability and force density up to 4000 N per cm2.
    • Displacement of stack actuators are up to 400 um and several mm for stacks with amplification mechanism or bender type actuators.
    • Ultra fast response: up to several ten kHz, tens of microseconds rise time, and 
      ultra high acceleration up to 100.000 m/s2
    • High stiffness. Piezo is a structural actuator.
    • Solid-state – no friction, no lag, and no wear.
    • High stroke resolution up to the sub nm range.
    • Retain position with very low power consumption.
    • Unique form factor, scalable size down to mm dimensions.
    • No magnetic fields.
    • Conform with vacuum and cryogenic environment.
  • Low drive voltage (150 V).
  • Simple mechanical interfaces.
  • Long life - tested up to 1010 cycles.
  • Multi-functional performance: actuation and sensing capabilities for strain, stress and acceleration.

Keywords: Piezoceramic / Piezo Aktuator / Piezo Actuator/ Piezo Actor


Due to the excellent controllability piezoelectric actuators are extremely suitable for precision positioning and fast high-force actuation. Piezoelectric actuators enable ultra-precise devices that achieve accuracies of atoms.

The piezoelectric effect is characterized by a high speed. The electro-mechanical conversion is directly related to the construction of the electric field in the material. The acceleration involved is enormous and values of several thousand g can be obtained. Because of their very high electrical insulation resistance piezoelectric actuators have low power consumption in static application. In contrast, electromagnetic drives consume already on hold energy (coil currents) and are much slower. Piezoelectric actuators develop high actuatoric forces and also allow miniaturization.