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Large choice of piezo stack
Piezo Stack Actuators

Our Offer

We are proud on more than twenty fife years of experience in research, development, distribution and supplying piezo systems. Finally, innovations worked great for our customers. Our offer: 

- Expertise in assessing your ideas. Ask us!

- Technical consulting contracts to support you from first design ideas to working piezo systems.

- Supply of piezo stacks, piezo driver electronics and assemblies to bring your product to market!

Why Piezo Stack Actuators?


To put it in a nutshell: The idea of piezo stack actuators is as simple as it is effective: Piezo are made of electric active material. The length of the piezoelectric stack is directly controlled by applying an electrical voltage. When a solid piezoelectric body expands, immediate reaction take place which can provide strong, fast, and precise actuation.

The piezo effect offers an excellent opportunity to innovate actuators where the performance of electromagnets has already been exhausted. Piezos are applied for many applications from static positioning to ultrasonics.

Conversely, a piezo stack actuator generates electrical voltages when forces are applied. Thus piezo stacks are also ideal devices to design sensorsenergy harvester which provide electrical power for low power demand. These generators can convert vibrations directly to electrical power. 

Use the Enormous Potential for Product Innovation

Precision: Piezoelectric actuators enable ultra-precise devices that achieve accuracies of atoms.

Miniaturization: They are much smaller at same force and faster than electromagnets.

Speed: The piezoelectric effect is characterized by a high speed. The electro-mechanical conversion is directly related to the construction of the electric field in the material.

Enormous acceleration: The acceleration involved is huge and values of several thousand g can be obtained.

Low Power Consumption: Because of their very high electrical insulation resistance piezoelectric actuators have low power consumption when keeping a commanded position. In contrast, electromagnetic drives consume on hold position with power consuming large coil currents. 

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