PiezoTECHNICS Supplies Exactly the Right Piezo Electronics

PiezoTECHNICS supplies you with the perfect electronic components for your actuator systems. A controller is indispensable for a functional piezo system. A controller for piezo actuators consists of a signal-generating component, such as a controller implemented on a computer, and an electronic power amplifier. This amplifier must be able to multiply the control signal to voltages of -30 V to 150 V and transmit it to the piezo. It must be powerful enough to effectively regulate the voltage at the piezo and thereby adjust the length of the piezo at the required speed. A piezo always exhibits capacitive behaviour. As the dynamics and size of the piezo increase, the requirements for the maximum output current of the amplifier also increase.

PiezoTECHNICS will analyze your application on request and will be happy to offer you support.

PiezoTECHNICS offers different electronics for piezos:

  • Standard       Open-loop-controller    
  • MTCA            MTCA module with four power amplifiers for industry and research
  • Customized  Special solutions 

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