Customized Piezo Electronics

A piezo actuator system requires an electrical energy source. Piezotechnik supplies you with exactly the right electronics for your application.

We offer you exactly the right customized electronics for low-voltage and high-voltage piezo stacks. Systems with large piezos and/or high dynamics require high power. We supply you with electronics with analog output voltage and the required output current, for example 2 amps.

Puls-Piezotreiber PT-P150-1-400. Hochstromausgang mit 300 Ampere.

High-Performance Pulse Electronics for Piezos

The pulser from PiezoTECHNICS can generate highly dynamic movements within just a few 10 µs as well as highly dynamic force pulses.

A pulser is an electronic device with which piezo stacks can be switched very quickly from the off to the on position. It can be used to switch between positions at lightning speed or to generate very strong force pulses. To do this, the piezo must be charged and discharged quickly, which requires very high currents that cannot be provided by a standard amplifier.

The applications of pulsed operation are diverse and range from beam shutters and valves to vibration exciters and mechanical testing technology systems.

PiezoTECHNICS supplies high-performance pulsers with extraordinarily high power. The PPG1 device, for example, supplies piezo stacks with current pulses of up to 300 amps. The charging and discharging currents as well as the voltage levels can be adjusted. This allows trapezoidal waveforms to be generated with adjustable rise and fall times.