Piezo Amplifier PT-AMP

The PT-AMP are the perfect power amplifiers for all customers who are looking for a cost-effective product with excellent performance values and a small footprint. The amplifiers are suitable both for implementing control systems without signal feedback (open-loop) and as a power stage in regulated systems. 

Short Specification

Analog amplifier

Output voltage (standard) -30 V to +150 V  

Output current 150 mA continuous

Noise < 0.2 mV

Amplification factor 25

24 VDC supply

Special versions such as multi-channel version, 

higher power output on request.


Standard piezo amplifier 


plifier Serie PT AMP X-Y, Analogverstärker, Ausgangsspannung und Gain nach Kundenwunsch. Ausgangsspannung (Standard) -30V bis +150 V