The Man Behind the Product.


Peter Jaenker – the director of the company - holds a PhD in physics

and is backed by more than 25 years experiences in developing novel

actuators. He is trained in electronics, precision mechanics, control

theory, and experimental physics. He lead research teams in large

collaborative projects and generated many novel applications in automotive

and aerospace industries.

One of the milestones for successful industrialization was the development

of piezo injectors for Mercedes-Benz engines. To this purpose,

he has made significant contributions to the application of piezo

actuators for highly dynamic operations. He has created solutions for

aerospace that meet stringent requirements in terms of weight, speed,

reliability, availability, and efficiency proofed by successful flight tests.

Jaenker also pioneered solutions to reduce structure-born-noise and

vibrations in vehicles and production machines efficiently by piezo

mechanism, which was successfully introduced in series, helicopter

production. Piezo actuation has been proved to be an excellent solution

for highly dynamic drives with high force output in small packages.

A lot of knowledge about the construction of highly dynamic piezo

actuators with large mechanical displacement was created.


Our promise.


Every product-solution we sell is backed by our strong service and

our comprehensive experiences and skills in piezo technology.