REGulatorCustom - Our Offer of Bespoken Piezo Electronics


We love to support our customers in the rapid creation of a scientific and industrial application of their ideas with piezos. REGulatorCustom are stand-alone electronics and come in a desktop chassis. REGulatorCustom is based on proven power electronics bricks.

We are specialized to supply high voltage, high current amplifiers, e.g. 1 ampere, in single or multi-channel configuration. REGulatorCustom offer solutions for multi-channel amplifiers e.g. with up to 16 channel in a 19" crate. We also can realize high-current drivers. 300 Ampere isn't the limit!

REGulatorCustom comprise features such as digital or analogue input, classical „knob“ control of basic amplier functions, and also touch screen operation is possible. Analogue or digital interfaces and many more feature can be realized.

We design and assemble turn-key ready electronics systems that satisfy our customers‘ wishes. 

We develop and distribute customer-specific electronic systems for piezo applications. Contact us!


Customized Piezo Driver
Two Channel Piezo Amplifier with Touch Screen Controller.

REGUlator High Power Piezo Pulser For Switching Applications - Unbeaten High Power and High Current Capabilities


A Pulser is a device for switching piezo actuator stacks very quickly from on to off position. This digital operation is energy efficient and high power rate and switching time of a piezo stach actuation step can be realized. The driver electronics has in on-state condition a very low resistance and switch losses are reduced to a minimum. In short time a high current will flow from the source to the piezo stack and quickly change displacements respectively position of the piezo device. The applications for a pulser are piezo stacks for vibration exciter, for piezo motor drives, on/off piezo actuators such as piezo valves. 


Piezotechnics supplies high performance pulser with high power capability. The exemplary unit PPG1 supplies piezo stacks with adjustable current levels up to 300 Ampere and adjustable voltage output up to 150V. The user can generate trapezoidal waveforms with adjustable rise and fall time. Also the bottom and top voltages can be adjusted. Options like internal signal generators are available as options for an external signal generator.


Piezo Driver for generating steep trapezoidal power output waveforms.
Piezo Pulse Driver PT-P150-1-400. Very High Pulse Currents Can Be Generated to Píezoactuators.. E.G. 300 Ampere.