Our Standard Piezo Actuator Stacks General Specifications



Specified Data




Operating temperature        25 to +85°C

When applied with a DC voltage: Ambient temperature


When driven by an AC voltage: Ambient temperature + temperature rise due to generated heat 


Maximum  voltage 

150 VDC 

Note: self-generated heat in case of dynamic operation


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0 - 150 VDC unipolar



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 -30 - 150 VDC semi-bipolar


The force required for restricting the


displacement to 0 when the maximum driving voltage is applied. 



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f = 1kHz,V=1Vrms(<10 μ F)


f = 120Hz,V=1Vrms(>10 μ F) 


Capacitance tolerance 

+/20 % 

Value obtained in 1 minute at 150 VDC 


Dissipation factor 

5% or less 


Insulation resistance 

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Resonance frequency

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Typical value of the element under our test conditions 


Tensile strength 

1/10 of Fblock


Young's modulus 

4.4 × 1010 N/m2 


Temperature cycle test 


Room temperature (3 min) +85°C (30 min)



Repetition of 10 cycles of the above 





Poission ratio





Initial value ±20%




Initial value ±30% 




No noticeable defect 



Table. General Specifications

A co-fired monolithic piezo stack with external insulation technique represents the leading technology. It is with view of life and reliability a high-quality product with exceptional force density for strong, fast and precise positioning and force generation and long life.