Piezo Controller Comprises A Power Amplifier and A Computer for Implementing Algorithm

Piezo controller are essential components of a piezo system. It provide the piezo actuator with the right electrical voltage. The piezo controller or piezo driver supplies the piezo with voltage and have to provide sufficient electrical current to charge or discharge the piezo to set the voltage in appropriate time. Highly dynamic operation of a piezo can require high current capability. We supply electronics driver 1 - 10 amperes and even more. The amplifiers can be operated with open or closed loop control. In closed loop mode typically a sensor is installed which measures the length to provide a feedback signal for the control loop. PIEZOTECHNICS offers amplifiers with analog input as standard. This allow flexibly the integration in a closed loop system using the computing infrastructure of the customer. Customized electronics comprise signal processing units for digital communication with ADC and DAC. As industry standard electronics with signal processors with Labview drivers can be supplied. Different control laws such as PID are standard to be implemented for optimizing width of hysteresis effects, precision of the commanded displacement and settling speed.