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REGulator – The electronics that make piezos working.

Piezo actuators and sensors need dedicated electronics. Only the combination of actuator and electronics forms a functional piezo unit. Piezotechnics elec- tronics solutions ranges from amplifier modules, bespoke standalone desktop units, to sophisticated controller boards for open standard computer systems. The last option allows the seamless integration of piezos in a computer controller network for large plants.

The REGUlator series from Piezotechnics comes with three product groups to serve any needs:

1. High performance piezo driver boards for open computer system standards, the REGUlatorMTCA,

2. Low Cost REGUlatorEco are standard piezo driver for integration in customers electronics systems,

3. REGUlatorCustom are bespoke piezo electronics. A specialty is the construction of power electronics with a large number of channels and high output currents. PIEZOTECHNICS offers prototypes and series.




The next generation of production equipment and scientific instruments needs high level of system availability. Piezotechnics is prepared for this challenge and offers the piezo controller REGUlatorMTCA. It is developed on MicroTCA, an open computer standard of the new century. REGUlatorMTCA and MicroTCA standard provide full redundancy functions and hot-swap capability. MicroTCA has a proven track record for the machines control in large distributed plants of high-energy physics laboratories (CERN, DESY, ...). REGUlatorMTCA is ready now for demanding industrial production systems:

  •   MicroTCA offers ideal conditions for the realization of multi-processor systems

  •   MicroTCA has a proven track record in large-scale physics experiments (DESY, CERN, KEK, Pohang). It is attractive for critical industrial applica- tions.

  •   MicroTCA features fully redundant system configurations including power budgeting and hot-swap

  •   MicroTCA provides the high availability necessary for efficient industrial production systems specifically in complex production networks. Availability reaches
    ve 9s: 0.99999, which is equivalent to a downtime of 5 minutes per year.

  •   Open standard: A whole range of manufacturer is employed for almost any application. A wide range of computer modules has been developed so far. 


REGUlatorMTCA – Product Description and short spec

The REGUlatorMTCA board allows simultaneously true control of up to four piezo elements (actuators or sensors). It is fast: The small signal bandwidth reaches 80 kHz (for 1 μF load). The board has DAC and ADC for fast control and monitoring up to 200 kSPS per channel. Fully compatible with MicroTCA REGUlatorMTCA allows to integrate piezo actuators in very complex plants such as: Semiconductor production (e.g. gas flow controllers), automation industry, research & development, laser and RF cavity tuning in industry and research and many more. 

Data Sheet 4-channel Piezo Driver for MTCA-4 Standard PRTM-PZDR4
Specification PRTM-PZDR4 for MTCA.4 iIndustrial and scientific applications.
Adobe Acrobat Document 372.5 KB
MTCA Piezo Driver Board
Four Channel Piezo Driver Board For MTCA
  1. PRTM-PZDR4 module compatible with MicroTCA, double width Rear-Transition Module

        4-channel driver for Piezo Actuator/Sensors

  2.     drives any sized piezo, bespoke voltage range possible

        Digital monitoring of input, output voltage and output current

  3.  Remotely switchable actuator and sensor functionality

  4. External or internal Unipolar: (0 ÷ +100) V or bipolar: (±100) V piezo power supplies

  5. Comprehensive safety and reliability features: Interlock management, remote power control, monitoring of critical components

  6. RoHS compliant

  7. Hot swap capability 


Standard Piezo Amplifier PT-X-Y

Ouput range -X Volt to +Y Volt

Standard Version 30 V to +150 V


Output current continuous 100 mA


Gain Standard 30


Input BNC

Output red BNC

Piezo Driver PT AMP X-Y
Piezodriver for multilayer actuator. Standard output range -30 V to +150 V. Custom models please contact PiezoTECHNICS. Options: Strain gage readout, closed control loop, high performance digitizer with USB interface, compatible with Labview.
PT AMP X-Y.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB

REGUlatorECO OEM Modules

 Low Cost REGUlatorEco MODEL PIEZOMASTER. We are the European representative of the US Mfr.VIKING Industrial Products and distribute the PiezoMaster™ product line. This family of OEM Piezo amplifiers combine the amplifier with a 24V or 48V external power supply to offer an extremely low cost piezoelectric actuator controller. Viking Industrial Products has been a leader in power management for over 40 years. These products has been chosen by NASA, LTS, Sandia, Argonne, Fermi Lab, MIT, Yale, Harvard, Corning, and CERN. Our expertise is analog high voltage, 0-5 amps, Dc-1 Mhz, 0-1200 volts, +/-800 volts. Design, test, manufacture, service of standard and custom OEM products for our customers.

Many versions available. For further informations visit http://www.piezomaster.com.  

PiezoMaster Piezo Amplifier. Compact and low cost electronics for piezo multilayer stacks, low and high voltage versions available.
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We love to support our customers in the rapid creation of a scienti c and industrial application of their ideas with piezos. REGulatorCustom are stan- dalone electronics and come in a desktop chassis. REGulatorCustom is based on proven power electronics bricks.

We are specialized to supply high voltage, high current ampli ers, e.g. 1 am- pere, in single or multi-channel con guration. REGulatorCustom offer exib- le solutions for multi-channel ampli ers with up to 16 channel in a 19" crate.

REGulatorCustom comprise features such as digital or analogue input, clas- sical „knob“ control of basic ampli er functions, and also touch screen opera- tion is possible. Analogue or digital interfaces are possible and many more.

We design and assemble turn-key ready electronics systems that satisfy our customers‘ wishes. 

Piezo power amplifier, piezo driver.
Two channel piezo amplifier with touch screen controller.

We develop and distribute customer-specific electronic systems for piezo applications. Contact us!

REGUlator High Power Piezo Pulser


A Pulser is a device for switching piezo actuator stacks very quickly from on to off position. This digital operation is energy efficient and high power rate and switching time of a piezo stach actuation step can be realized. The driver electronics has in on-state condition a very low resistance and switch losses are reduced to a minimum. In short time a high current will flow from the source to the piezo stack and quickly change displacements respectively position of the piezo device. The applications for a pulser are piezo stacks for vibration exciter, for piezo motor drives, on/off piezo actuators such as piezo valves. 


Piezotechnics supplies high performance pulser with high power capability. The exemplary unit PPG1 supplies piezo stacks with adjustable current levels up to 300 Ampere and adjustable voltage up to 150V. An internal signal generators is available and can be used as well as external signal generator to control the power output.

Piezo electronics
Pulser Electronics PPG1

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