Piezo Electronics


REGulator – The electronics that make piezos working.

Piezo actuators and sensors need dedicated electronics. Only the combination of actuator and electronics forms a functional piezo unit. Piezotechnics electronics solutions ranges from amplifier modules, bespoke standalone desktop units, to sophisticated controller boards for open standard computer systems used in large accelerator laboratories. These modules allows the seamless integration of piezos in a high performance computer controller system for large plants.


The REGUlator series from Piezotechnics comes with three product groups to serve any needs:

1. High performance piezo driver boards for open computer system standards, the REGUlatorMTCA,

2. Low Cost REGUlatorEco are standard piezo driver for integration in customers electronics systems,

3. REGUlatorCustom are bespoke piezo electronics. A specialty is the construction of power electronics with a large number of channels and high output currents. PIEZOTECHNICS offers prototypes and series.


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