REGulatorMTCA.4  The 4-Channel Piezo Driver Board for MTCA.4

Four Channel Piezo Driver and Sensor Board for MTCA Computer Systems. Used in large numbers in beam control systems (cavity tuning) of high energy accelerators e.g. DESY XFEL, CERN ..., Advanced Laser Optics Experiments


Proven technology in large accelerator laboratories (DESY, XFEL, CERN, KEK, Pohang). The 4-channel piezo driver for advanced scientific instruments provides high level of system capabilities. The four channel board is fully compliant with MicroTCA.4, an open computer standard of the new century. MicroTCA  provide redundancy features and hot-swap capability. MicroTCA has a proven track record for the machine control in the large plants of high-energy physics laboratories (CERN, DESY, ...). REGUlatorMTCA is also ready for demanding industrial production systems:

  •   MicroTCA enable the realization of multi-processor systems

  •   MicroTCA has a proven track record in large-scale physics experiments (DESY, CERN, KEK, Pohang). It is attractive for critical industrial applications.

  •   MicroTCA features redundant system configurations like power budgeting and hot-swap.

  •   MicroTCA provides the high availability for dependable complex production networks.

  •   Availability reaches five 9s: 0.99999, which is equivalent to a downtime of 5 minutes per year.

  •   Open standard: A whole range of manufacturer is employed. A broad range of modules is available. 

REGUlatorMTCA – 4-Channel Piezo Driver for MTCA.4 Main Features And Specification

The REGUlatorMTCA board allows simultaneously true control of up to four piezo elements (configured as actuators or sensors). It is fast: The small signal bandwidth reaches 80 kHz (for 1 μF load). The board has DAC and ADC for fast control and monitoring up to 200 kSPS per channel. Fully compatible with MicroTCA REGUlatorMTCA allows to integrate piezo actuators in very complex plants such as: Semiconductor production (e.g. gas flow controllers), automation industry, research & development, laser and RF cavity tuning in industry and research and many more. 

  1. The PRTM-PZDR4 module is a double width Rear-Transition Module. The major features are:

        4-channel driver for Piezo Actuator/Sensors

  2.     drives any sized piezo, bespoke voltage range possible

        Digital monitoring of input, output voltage and output current

  3.  Remotely switchable actuator and sensor functionality

  4.     External or internal Unipolar: (0 ÷ +100) V or bipolar: (±100) V piezo power supplies

  5.     Safety and reliability features: Interlock management, remote power control, monitoring of critical components

  6.     RoHS compliant

  7.     Hot swap capability 

Specification of the PRTM-PZDR4. 4-Channel Piezo Driver For MTCA.4 Systems Successfully Applied in Large Accelerators like DESY. Used in Complex Scientific Application Like Laser Optics.
Specification of the PRTM-PZDR4.
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