Standard Piezo Amplifier PT-X-Y

This linear amplifier amplifies any commanded waveform.


Short Specification


Ouput voltage range -X Volt to +Y Volt

Standard Version Output -30 V to +150 V


Output current 150 mA, continuous 150 mA


Gain Standard 30


Input BNC

Output red BNC


For customized versions please contact PIEZOTECHNICS

Piezo Driver PT AMP X-Y
 Piezodriver for multilayer actuator. Standard output range -30 V to +150 V. Custom models please contact PiezoTECHNICS. Options: Strain gage readout, closed control loop, high performance digitizer with USB interface, compatible with Labview.
Piezo Driver for Multilayer Stacks.
Piezo Driver ECO
PT AMP X-Y.pdf
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REGUlatorECO OEM Modules

 REGUlatorEco MODEL PIEZOMASTER are low-cost piezo drivers. We are the European representative of the US Mfr.VIKING Industrial Products and distribute the PiezoMaster™ product line. This family of OEM Piezo amplifiers combine the amplifier with a 24V or 48V external power supply to offer an extremely low cost piezoelectric actuator controller. Viking Industrial Products has been a leader in power management for over 40 years. These products has been chosen by NASA, LTS, Sandia, Argonne, Fermi Lab, MIT, Yale, Harvard, Corning, and CERN. 

Many versions are available. For further informations visit  

PiezoMaster Piezo Amplifier. Compact and Low Cost Driver Electronics Modules for Multilayer. Many Options available e.g. Low and High Voltage Versions.
PiezoMaster Piezo Driver Modules
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