Hermetically Sealed Piezo Stacks

High performance piezo stacks in a hermetically sealed metal case. This product was developed for uses which requires the highest demands for reliability and efficiency. Easy assembly in customer application is fostered by integrated pre-stress mechanism and different flange versions for easy mounting.

Design Features

encased piezo stack
Hermetically sealed piezo stack

Inert Gas


The filling with inert gas keeps the piezo stack inside in dry condition. Long life and reliability is assured as water is excluded fro the inner atmosphere. 


Hermetic Sealing

The steel container surrounds the ceramic body to prevent the penetration of gases especially humidity effectively.The steel cover establish an efficient barrier against gas penetration. Water is kept away from the ceramics stack which results in long life.


Metal Case

The elastic design of the steel casing ensure free elongation of the piezo stack. As the assembly of corrugated bellows is prestressed,compressive forces act on the ceramics piezo stack and provide compressive stress for long life and high performance. 



Different flange designs are available for easy assembly.


Product Range

encased piezo actuator
Hermetically sealed piezo stack

Forces from 200 N to 20.000 N (cross area will change accordingly)

Displacement from 17 um to 200um (length of stack will change accordingly)

At the bottom different flanges are available.


encaesed actuatirs
left - no flange; bottom terminal in axial direction, top - bottom flanged with side terminal, right: female thread terminal on side

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